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Hawk Battalion 

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Why Join?

JROTC is a federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools and also in some middle schools across the United States and at US military bases across the world. Participating in Armwood's JROTC program is a great way to maximize your high-school experience. While joining the program can help with enlisted advancements it does not require you to partake the military. Despite our service being Army, we offer opportunities to learn of each branch and you're encouraged, but not forced to engage in any. An abudance of scholarships are offered that can be applied to pay for college expenses. We provide basic military knowledge and leadership intellingence, yet our essential objective is to "motivate students to be better citizens". The program is marvelous for teaching values that are favorable through each path in life. Overall, joining the Hawk Battalion can implement students with structure, self-discipline, and a sense of community.

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Weekly Schedule

Throughout JROTC’s 2 semesters theres a new plan each day of the week to maintain cadets focus and discipline.A schedule establishes a predictable routine that reduces stress and improves efficiency. Our schedule keeps us on track and allows for predictability and familiarity amongst the cadets.

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Uniform Inspection

Every Monday with few exceptions cadets are expected to present themselves in either the class A or class B assigned. Uniform wear teaches discipline and should be worn appropriately with honor. 


Extracurricular Activities

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Our team must exhibit skills of discipline, bearing, snap, command, and control in order to be competitive within each event. Each cadet practices on displaying excellence in the performance art.

Service Hours

This program offers many opportunities  to achieve service hours throughout the year. Ranging from all directions, those on search for more hours can obtain plenty through JROTC. For the duration of the school year, the options include but aren't limited to drill meet runners, morning and after school flag duty, event set up and take down,...... With the piling amount of hours we provide, theres an online logging tool to keep track called Profferfish that we offer to use.

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Hawk Battalion 23-24 Chain of Command


Battalion Commander: Cadet Schellhorn, Jaimilee

Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Bates, Bryce

S1 (Administration Officer) : Cadet Santiago, Dayane

S2 (Security Officer) : Cadet Bencivenga, Keegan

S3 (Training Officer) : Cadet Lewis, Kaylyn

S4 (Logistics Officer) : Cadet David, Cheyenne

S5 (Public Affairs Officer): Cadet Grant, Paris

Staff Assistant: 

  • Cadet  Mulholland, Coral

Company Commanders:

  • Cadet Aldape, Rosalinda

  • Cadet Sheffield, Nicholae

  • Cadet Rodriguez, Lilliana

  • Cadet Davis, Antonio

Company 1st Sergeants: 

  • Cadet Hutson, Kayla

  • Cadet Rameriez, Eydi

  • Cadet Arriaza, Keyryn

  • Cadet Lopez, Katherine

Company Executive Officer: 

  • Cadet Hobbs, Kaliyah

  • Cadet Santibanez, Maria

  • Cadet Goldtrap, Duncan

  • Cadet Morales, Ariana

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